Tell us 15 things that make you happy!

laviefantasque tagged me to list 15 things that make me happy, so here goes:

1. Drawing
2. Animals (hyenas, fish, polar bears, cats and dogs of course, rats ahhhhhh all of them)
3. Lolita
4. Pies and cheescakes
5. Cute panties
6. Monsters, demons, ghosts
7. Green tea
8. Going on daytrips with my friends
9. Buying art supplies
10. Binge watching shows
11. A good wifi connection
12. Girls
13. Lush goodies
14. Board and card games
15. Receiving mail

I’m tagging (if they want to of course) jeannecave, meltingfish and cactuslegs. If anyone else wants to make a list too, I’m curious!

Do I have anything in common with you guys?

Not my usual content, but don’t these look gorgeous? My girlfriend sent me chocolates <3
Very relaxed outfit to celebrate my birthday.

Another preview of Innocent World’s newest prints for the season.innocent-w-f

Mint Neko sweater!!!!! Ahhhhh I love it so much! It’s preppy Mint Neko! #mintneko #hnaoto #jfashion #octieberforever #dapper #menswear #vintage